Weekly Challenge

20th April: Climb to the top of Big Ben clock tower

This week, we're challenging you to reach the top of Westminster Clock tower, the home of 'Big Ben' - 632 steps, or 42 flights of stairs. You can get other family members and friends involved too.


We know that staying active can be hard at the moment, so we're challenging you to do something active.

Some tips....

  1. To do this challenge you could use your stairs at home, some outside steps near your home, or if you prefer a box or stool.
  2. Get someone else in your home to count and if you want to share, be your photographer or camera person to save yourself from falling over trying to do both.
  3. Stay hydrated and take a break if it begins to hurt. If you have a medical condition get advice before taking part in exercise.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, avoid socks as you may slip - bare-feet or trainers will give you better grip.
  5. Take things at a safe pace making sure you have enough space being careful of other people and pets.

Please make sure you observe social distancing and lock down measures whilst taking part in the challenge.

If you want to let your friends know about this challenge you can #4TheYouthChallenge on instagram, or upload a short video to us for our newscast here.