Kickstart Jobs: Employers

Provide a Job Placement through 4TheYouth.

As an employment gateway, 4TheYouth can help employers of all sizes who are looking to take on one of more young people at part of the government funded Kickstart Scheme.

The job placements created with Kickstart Scheme funding must be new jobs.

The job placements must not:

  • replace existing or planned vacancies

  • cause existing employees, apprentices or contractors to lose work or reduce their working hours

The job placements must:

  • be a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months

  • pay at least the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage for the employee’s age group

  • only require basic training

For employers:

  • Jobs are fully funded, you'll get 100% of wages and any employer NI and pension contributions paid by the DWP.

  • Each position also comes with a small bursary to help with setup costs, equipment and training worth £1500 overall.

  • Kickstart is open to any business who has been trading 12 months or more.

  • You have complete control over who you choose to take on with a recruitment process tailored to your needs.

Why choose 4TheYouth as a Gateway?

  • If you choose to use 4TheYouth's mentoring and training support package, as an employer you will receive at least £500 towards setup costs and a further £500 is set aside for accredited training.

  • If you need support with PAYE, 4 The Youth can help you with this.

  • We help write job descriptions and work with the JCP to identify suitable candidates and arrange interviews. We provide admin support with contracts and processing right to work documents and DBS checks where required.

Who can apply?

  • Young people aged 16-24* on Universal Credit can apply via their work coach.

  • Applications are made via the work coach.

The Process

  1. 4TheYouth apply for Kickstart funding on your behalf.

  2. Once approved we submit job descriptions to the DWP

  3. Job Centre work coaches identify clients they thing may be suitable and refer them to us to apply.

  4. We help you review applications and setup interviews (in person or remote), you select the candidate(s) you'd like to employ under the scheme. If no suitable candidate is found there is no obligation.

  5. We setup employability training and ongoing mentoring to support them into the role.

  6. The candidate starts work and the initial grant towards setup costs and training is released.

  7. They are employed on your companies payroll (we can help with this if you don't have one) and paid monthly. We bill the DWP for these costs on a monthly basis and reimburse you promptly.

  8. We work with the young person throughout to access accredited training and mentoring support to ensure at the end of the programme they have made the most of the opportunity, gained relevant training and updated their skills and CV to move onto the next stage of their career.

*Some roles may require candidates to be 18+, this can be stipulated in job descriptions if it's a requirement.