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Getting remote support using Google remote desktop

Google Remote Desktop allows you to give access to your computer to a remote user - this could be a family member or a member of the 4TheYouth team - in order to give you technical support. Often it's much easier to show you how to do something or fix a problem if everyone is looking at the same screen.

  1. Go to

  2. Click get support then download

  3. Wait for the browser extension to download and install. If the download doesn't open automatically you may need to click on it to install.

  4. On Windows, you may be asked if you want to allow this program to make changes to your device, click yes.

  5. Once installed go back to

  6. Click generate code

  7. Give this code to the person you want to give you support, it will be valid for one time use only

  8. Click share when prompted to share your screen

  9. The person you have shared with will now be able to see and control your screen remotely to provide support. You can also still use your keyboard and mouse if you want to.

You can also setup remote desktop to allow you to access other computers you own, or via the web app access your home PC on your phone or tablet. For more information about the ways remote desktop can be used visit

If you need support please call our team on 01403 566445.

Install VLC Player on a Chromebook

VLC Media Player from Video Lan is recognised as the best and most versatile media players available for most types of device. It can play a range of video and audio files and we'd recommend adding it to your Chromebook.

To add:

Convert AIFF files that won't play to MP3

We've had some students have difficulty opening audio files in AIFF format. In the end the easiest way to get them into a playable format was to convert to MP3 - you can use an online converter to do this such as

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